Complete Discography


To the best of my knowledge, here are the albums I have played on. It's possible I've forgotten some; let me know! 


As a Leader

Bryan Nichols, Looking North (Shifting Paradigm)

Bryan Nichols Quintet, Bright Places (Shifting Paradigm)




Bryan Nichols/Brandon Wozniak project (2018)

Bryan Nichols/JT Bates/John Raymond project (2018)

Donna Grantis project(2018)

Swamp Dogg project (2018)

Gang Font, We Will Not Be Imprisoned in Pictoral Space Frames (2018)



in your Internets and Stores

Dead Man Winter, Furnace (GNDWIRE)

Dead Man Winter, Careful It's Loaded (GNDWIRE)

Aida Shahghasemi, Wind Between the Horse's Ears

Molly Dean, The Natural Minor

Kelly Rossum, Blue Earth County

Lars-Erik Larson's Mancrush, Authentic Midwestern (Shifting Paradigm)

Gang Font, We Will Not Be Imprisoned in Pictoral Space Frames

Zacc Harris Group, The Garden (Shifting Paradigm)

Todd Clouser & A Love Electric, 20th Century Folk Selections (Ropeadope)

Todd Clouser & A Love Electric, Entre (Ropeadope)

Gordon Johnson, Trios No. 5

Todd Clouser, A Love Electric

Aaron Hedenstrom Orchestra, Introducing…

Sing – Play – Learn with MacPhail

James Buckley Trio, Signal Me

Chris Morrisey Quartet, The Morning World (Sunnyside)

Minor Kingdom, My Back Will Bend (Grain Belt)

James Buckley Trio, Knowing and Losing

Gordon Johnson, GJ4 (Tonalities)

Kelly Rossum, Family (612 Sides)

Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble, Hope, Future, and Destiny (Dreamtime)

James Buckley Trio, Stitches

Andres Prado, Live at the Artists’ Quarter (RPM)

Claudia Schmidt, Live at the Dakota

Anthony Nicholson, Necessary Phazes (Track Mode)

Ernest Dawkins, Live at the MCA (Dawk)

Zvonomir Tot, Travels and Dreams (ZT Music)

Dennis Winslett, Soul Journey (Black Folk Music)